Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White vs Price-How Does James White Think He Performed?

It's finally arrived. The Price/White debate is available for purchase here. Well worth the $4.10.

I'll review the contents of the debate in a subsequent post, but in the mean time let's ask ourselves something. What does James White think of his own performance? He's not the kind of person that admits defeat. But what can you glean from his behavior?

His reaction to the debate was rather muted. After posting a blog note that basically says "Yes, the debate did occur" he offered only a part of one Dividing Line program to a review. It took months for the debate to come available and I didn't see that this bothered him a bit. He never complained about it as far as I know. When it finally did come available on August 20th I saw no mention on his blog. He's not doing the kinds of things a person would normally do if they want to sell a lot of copies. The only reason I knew it was available was because it was reviewed in two parts by Jason Engwer, who offered that "James White did well." When you consider that Jason Engwer always regards the Christian as the victor you realize that this is really damning White with faint praise.

Let's contrast this with White's treatment of the Bart Ehrman debate. Once again a note that the debate occurred. Then immediately following a longer post discussing some of the debate details. The next DL program was fully devoted to debate clips and analysis. The debate audio was immediately made available and the availability was announced on the blog. The next DL program was once again fully devoted to debate review. Next we're told that White was interviewed on another program to discuss the Ehrman debate. Next another more lengthy review in response to somebody's comments on the debate. Then more of the same. Then Tur8infan's review. Then White again with Ehrman Redux.

White is not acting like you would expect a person to act if they thought they did well. Is that warranted? Most definitely. You'll see why if you read my next post.


Vinny said...

That is very interesting. I was surprised at how much he gloated after the Ehrman debate since I thought he did very poorly. As distasteful as I find funding any of White's activities, I just might have to buy this one.

RazorsKiss said...

This was a CRI debate, thus A&O had to wait for CRI to release the debate as well, before they could. CRI took... a long time. Thus, no audio, no reviews, and no immediate ability to take the debate apart. He did comment on the debate immediately afterward on his blog, as well as recap how the debate went on his program.

I was actually in attendance at the debate, incidentally. I think it would have behooved you to ask why it was taking so long to come out, instead of assembling this chain of inference :)

Jon said...

RK, I was aware that the delay in the audio was due to CRI and not James White, which is why I didn't say that White delayed the release but that he didn't seem bothered by the delay.

I don't deny this is speculative, but I do think his response has been muted, which I think makes sense based on his performance.

Anonymous said...

Oh now I am more temptedto watch this debate.