Monday, November 14, 2011

Contrast OWS with the Tea Party Again

The so called liberal media (AP in this case via NPR) informs us that police at Berkley were shown in video "pulling people from the steps and nudging others with batons." Watch the video which shows the nudging. Makes sense to Colbert. He comments here.

This is just one of dozens of videos you can watch of protestors getting assaulted. This is another difference between the Tea Party and OWS. OWS protestors get beaten without provocation routinely. Also arrested. Not so for the Tea Party.


Miles Rind said...

Sorry though I am to find myself in the position of defending the Tea Party, I have to ask: Did any Tea Party gatherings involve camping overnight in public parks or in any other way violating the laws of the locality in which they took place?

Jon said...

Yeah, that's true. For some of the beatings. Some of the beatings and arrests though come about with people that are not involved in civil disobedience. Acting entirely within the law. If that's happened to Tea Partyers I'd like to see it.

Chad said...

MKR - No Tea Party event lasted overnight although many participants stayed over night - IN HOTELS like civilized people do. The Tea Party never occupied private or public property without the proper consent.

We also paid for and recieved all the proper permits for the event, informed law enforcement of the event, supplied volunteer support for crowd control (never needed), rented the appropriate number of port-o-potties, put together clean up crews to leave the private/public property as it was prior to the event and we even (in many cases) paid for park rentals when required.

We spoke with Private businesses in the area about the event. We gained permission to park in private lots - if they felt the need many charged for parking.

On top of that we promoted Tea Party members to purchase goods and services from the local communities where the rallies were held.

Respect for other peoples property and rights were always a top priority for Tea party events.

The differences are night and day.

Here are a couple of reads:

Spent $10 K in Richmond - Occupiers - nothing.

My favorite - lets look at some photos shall we?

Finally a written difference - slanted to the Right of course - but still correct.