Friday, November 18, 2011

The 53%-Proud To Be Slaves

It's kind of like 1984. In the future world people will be conditioned so that they are proud to be trampled on. Proud to spend no time with their wife and kids. Proud to sacrifice it all for the wealth of another.

I was just checking out the right wing answer to the "I Am the 99%" letters. It's the 53%-ers. I think they have a perception that the bottom 47% of income earners don't pay federal taxes, which is nonsense. But here's one on the top of the screen at the moment. A proud 53%-er.

Work 50 hours a week to get yelled at and that's good enough to allow you to afford the clearance racks. This is a badge of honor.

I might respect this guy. He should be proud that he's able to sacrifice in this way and able to deprive himself of luxuries. But I think he should not regard his condition as just. We can do better than this.

A liberal replied to an apparently popular post from a 53%-er. Letter from a liberal to a young marine. It captures my sentiments well. Via Reddit.


HispanicPundit said...

Should I make a post that states "the OWS - hoping to be leaches"? :-)

Chad said...

There are winners and whiners - this guy is a winner and through hard work he will succeed, the Liberals are whiners - telling us why working that hard is such a bad thing.

Down to winners and whiners. I put my time in and now I am winning - I sure as hell am not going to let a whiner take my money.

Jon said...

Did you read the letter to the marine, Chad?