Friday, November 11, 2011

Contrast OWS with the Tea Party

Interesting graphic here. A couple of interesting facts:

1-OWS protestor is more likely to be employed (though the Tea Partyer is more likely to be retired).
2-The Tea Partyer is older and less educated.
3-Look at the contrast in the number of arrests. 50 in 3 years for the Tea Party. 1500 in just a couple of months for OWS. Which does the establishment prefer?


HispanicPundit said...

Which further affirms my hunch: the OWS is the lower elite rebelling against the upper elite.

Chad said...

I've gone to 3 OWS sites and they are riddles with spoiled rotten college kids whom think they are intellects.

The Tea Party members are older, wiser in life experiences, more established and they are a gruop that respects private property.

The smell is the very first thing you notice when visiting OWS then comes the chanting - mindless chanting. Then you notice the fringe groups, communists, Jew haters, socialists, the homeless and the special interest groups - let's call those groups the union block.

Now comes the best part of OWS - murders, drugs, crime and citizens are saying enough. This movement - whatever it is - has thus far done zero and is now on the news nightly from all stations as a growing problem that needs to go away.

To turn the argument with these groups is really very easy and enjoyable to watch live. 90% of the people at OWS have no clue.

Jon said...

Let me tell you something, Chad. Your grammar is atrocious. But I won't ridicule you for it. Because I've been there. When I first started doing online debate my grammar was also atrocious. I asked a friend to proofread something I wrote. At the beginning he teased me for the errors and fixed them. He continued reading and the repeated errors got to the point where he couldn't tease me any more. He was embarrassed for me.

But I didn't have a lot of experience writing in that way. You don't write like this in school for engineering very much. You solve math problems and stuff like that. So when I wrote this (it was a religious debate like 13 years ago) I had little experience, and it was bad.

Since then I've done a lot of it and it has helped a lot. Was I stupid back then? No. I had other strengths.

That's what I think of when I read you. I know you're strengths. Grammar isn't one of them. But it will improve if you stick around. If not you may suck forever, but that's fine. You're good at what you do.

But you don't seem to recognize that when you look at a protestor. They're idiots. Does it occur to you that maybe they don't know the subjects you do so maybe they don't make the money you do, but maybe they know a lot about other things? Maybe they have other strengths?

Yeah, they've never heard the spin offered by people like Thomas Sowell and other apologists for wealth. So they don't know how to reply to some of your questions. Maybe they make little money. Maybe it's two jobs and they don't have time to go home and dive into something like that. But they are capable. They just haven't had the opportunity. You need to appreciate that some people can be weak in one domain and strong in another. Just because they aren't strong in what you are doesn't make them dumb.

I don't call tea partyers idiots. I disagree with their solutions. They might be less likely to have a college degree. While I may know a thing or two about right wing spin they know a lot about other things. I just met a right winger that knows so much about astronomy it was astonishing, and fascinating. I'm not pretending I'm better than him. He focused on one thing and I've focused on another.

These so called idiots at OWS have accomplished a lot. Heard of the Keystone Pipeline? It's basically shut down. That's an astonishing win. When scientists started protesting they seriously thought they had maybe a 1% chance. Then came OWS. It's unbelievable that it's been stopped. Massive concentrated wealth opposed the people that care about the environment. The people won.

Look at all the talk about inequality. It's huge. OWS did that. Look at the win in Ohio for labor. A blowout. They're making huge gains.

That's the effect of these so called morons. Maybe they aren't as stupid as you seem to suggest.

You can mock the chanting. They do it because the city won't allow them to use speakers. This allows everyone to hear what is said. Pretty creative. In NY they took their electric generators. They built stationary bikes that provide electricity. Pretty neat. Not exactly the rubes you'd like to think they are. Nor are the tea partyers. Recognize that just because they don't know what you know this doesn't mean they don't know a thing or two.

Chad said...

Surry for the grammor, can't hep my self, but good thing I am one of the 1%!

Jon said...

You're obviously not grasping my point, Chad. Why are you apologizing for bad grammar? Nobody is asking you to apologize for that.

That would be like me apologizing because I suck at baseball, trading stocks, and lawn care. There's nothing wrong with being bad with grammar.

What is wrong is thinking you are superior to others because you are good at some things they aren't so good at. Maybe they're better than you at things you aren't so good at. And maybe they haven't gotten the lucky breaks you did. Maybe they got some bad breaks. If you want to apologize, apologize for thinking you are superior because you make more money.