Friday, March 11, 2011

Bob Dutko Falsities on Behalf of Wealth Exposed

Today I called Bob out on his massive propaganda on behalf of wealth and privilege and gave a little bit of voice to the poor and middle class with regards to the Wisconsin union struggle. Click below to hear or download here.

I routinely follow up in the body of these posts with some sources on Bob's various false claims, and this post will be no different. He's wrong on the average teacher salary in Wisconsin as I document here. He's also wrong about the amount of taxes paid by the rich as I document here.

But I have to concede an error as well. I said that for the bottom 80% of the population wages over the last 30 years are flat to declining. That may be true when you account for the increase in working hours, but it's not true overall. Wages are up slightly for the bottom sectors, but the growth is far slower now than it was before the mid 70's. And it's certainly true that the income gains since 1980 have been heavily skewed to the wealthy.

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