Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fox News Lies

Watch this hilarious video of Fox News reporter Mike Tobin dealing with Wisconsin protesters. They're holding signs that say things like "Bill O'Reilly is a Sexual Predator" and "Walker is a Koch Whore." Awesome. In another interview the "Fox News Lies" chants start again. During this interview he tells us "Somebody hit me." Those violent union thugs!!

So Fox News is now spending lots of time talking about the violence Tobin has been subjected to. This is being repeated by the right wing flak machine. I heard Dutko talking about it yesterday. He's pretty outraged. One thing they don't do is show us any footage of Tobin being hit.

Turns out there is some footage. Here it is. Looks more like a tap on the shoulder to me. For Fox this is an attack. Fox does this kind of thing regularly because Fox News Lies.

They've gone to court to defend their right to lie. And they've won. When investigative reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre did some digging on Monsanto they discovered that there were serious health risks associated with their Bovine Growth Hormone. They intended to produce a 4 part series on the story. Fox directed them to alter their story by adding what Wilson and Akre knew was false information coming from Monsanto representatives. For refusing to run the false story they were fired. They sued. Fox didn't dispute that they were directed to lie. What they argued is that they have the right to direct their employees to lie.

Canada has laws preventing this sort of news. I suppose Canada won't be getting Fox News any time soon. Or right wing radio.

But they can continue to lie here. Here they are altering footage to make it appear that Ron Paul was booed after winning the recent straw poll at CPAC. Their goal is deception, which is their legal right. Keeping people ignorant is profitable for some, but it makes democracy tough.


HispanicPundit said...

Just as I read your post, I moved down my RSS reader and read this post. I think GregK has the preferred solution.

Paul said...

HP - Really?

It is called a fallacy of equivocation.