Monday, March 7, 2011

Info on Wisconsin Teacher Salaries

I caught just a few minutes of some financial planner guy on Christian radio near me by the name of Russ Jalbert. His advertisements regularly appear on the Dutko show. It appears to be non-stop class warfare at WMUZ as he tells us that teachers in Wisconsin make $89K/year. Well that sounds pretty high, right? Scott Waker is being really fair, right?

Where is this figure coming from? I'd seen a pretty reasonable presentation of teacher salaries here. Quite a bit different from Jalbert's claim.

So I was curious where this $89K figure was coming from. Perhaps it was Rand Paul on Lettermen. You can see why he's mistaken here.

I'm sure Jalbert just didn't know. But it's interesting that the frequent errors on WMUZ always serve the interest of the wealthy owners and advertisers.

Update: 3/10/11

Today Bob Dutko in the first hour pointed out that total compensation for Wisconsin teachers in Milwaukee was more than $100K. He referred to this PolitiFact review which deemed this claim to be accurate. This same page refers to the above Rand Paul error. Total average compensation for teachers, according to PolitiFact and the link I have above is $74,843. $49,093 in salary and $25,750 in benefits.

In the 3:00 hour though Bob went off on teachers again. He said that the AVERAGE TEACHER COMPENSATION in Wisconsin was slated to be $101,091 next year. Now, he knows that's false. If he read the PolitiFact article he knows that this is unique to Milwaukee, which apparently is an outlier. But he used this assertion to hammer away at the teachers again expecting them to make concessions.


Darf Ferrara said...

Given that reducing public union power is a transfer from the union to the public (via lower government costs), I don't see how this benefits owners and advertisers especially.

Jon said...

One solution to the budget crisis is to raise taxes on the wealthy. Taxes on the wealthy have been declining steadily. It's now to where Warren Buffet pays a much lower overall tax rate than his secretary does. I don't think Crawford Broadcasting or Bob's financial planning providers like that solution. 81% of Americans do though, but it's not something he's considered.

HispanicPundit said...

Or the children, depending on how you see education reform. :-)

Irl Hudnutt said...
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