Monday, March 14, 2011

Obama Illusions Fading with Torture of Bradley Manning

For expressing some mild criticism of the treatment of Bradley Manning by the military, treatment which amounts to mind destroying torture and for which Amnesty International is calling for protests, State spokesman PJ Crowley has essentially been fired by Obama. This seems to be a turning point for many on the left. Many of Obama's supporters can no longer stomach this. Obama's support now is largely on the right.

I tried to explain this to Bob Dutko on the air. Why do you pretend Obama is such an awful person? He's surveilling us without any restraint. Assassinating US citizens with no judicial oversight. Expanding wars. Torturing people. He's a dream come true for Dutko. You don't like that he's pro-choice. Fine. But beyond that, what more do you want? He's as violent and dictatorial as you could ask for.

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