Monday, January 30, 2012

Banana Republic

In the video below a man attempts to flee from the police but finds himself trapped. So he lays on the ground to surrender. The police officer, George Fierro, then kicks him in the head. That is followed by pepper spray and additional blows from the next police officer. The K-9 unit sicks the dog on him.

The DA won't prosecute the cops because the suspect is "positioning himself to attack." And we are dealing here with a "highly dangerous and unpredictable criminal."

What America needs more than anything is a restoration of the rule of law. We need a country where the rule of law applies to everyone, not just the weak and powerless.


Chad said...

Interesting "restoration of the rule of law" so your prepared to arrest 13 million illegals as well Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code?

Wait for it - here comes a 14 paragraph Elitist view why the rule of law does not apply for the group Jon loves.

Jon said...

The point is this, Chad. You think you're real tough because you're ready to bring the swift hammer of justice down on hungry peasants, because after all they may have gotten a meal on your dime.

What about the fact that Bush and Obama are prosecuting wars that have cost about $1 trillion. These cost more than a meal for a hungry peasant. Those were also illegal, just like the immigrant is here illegally. But you don't call for their prosecution. Only for the weak and powerless.

When a police officer kicks a defenseless person in the head you don't notice. It just reminds you that somewhere out there a poor person finished a 12 hour shift doing back breaking work and he made less than you do in an hour. You're outraged that he's violated our laws and acted in this way in an effort to feed his family.

Meaning it is very clear that you have fully absorbed this mentality that the only crimes that matter are the crimes of the poor and weak.

I'm not saying the crimes of the poor and weak don't matter. I'm not saying every law is just. I am saying that the crimes of the powerful are ignored, and I think that's a problem.

Jon said...

Just for your reference, here's Article 6 of the US Constitution, which says that all Treaties entered into by the US shall be the supreme law of the land. One such treaty is the UN Charter, which says under Article 2 Section 4 that all members must refrain from threatening a sovereign state or violating their territorial integrity. That action is only legal when authorized by the Security Council or as necessary to repel an attack or imminent attack.

You're pretty upset about hungry peasants illegally crossing our border in order to avoid starvation. How about violations of the Constitution which you claim to care about? How about when such violations lead directly to the death of at least hundreds of thousands of people and hit your wallet huge? Do those crimes matter? Or only the crimes of the poor?

Chad said...

At least I was wrong about one thing - it took you only 7 paragraphs instead of 14.

Jon said...

Sometimes thoughtful answers don't fit into a Fox News type sound bite.

Chad said...

Don't forget about The Blaze also.

Sheldon said...

"Elitist view"? So decrying police brutality or defending the humanity of so-called "illegal aliens" is an "elitist view"? And war is peace.