Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Ron Paul Ad Is Dynamite

Guess who wrote the text for that?


Sheldon said...

It is a great add! It is regrettable that we don't have genuine leftist candidates and parties making it. I respect what Paul brings to the Republicans and the national debate, but at that point it ends.

Although I just recently registered as a Republican to caucus for Paul. But it ends there, from there I will work or vote some 3rd party candidate.

HispanicPundit said...

Completely agree. This is one area where I have to admit, you have helped move me to the left on.

HispanicPundit said...

...well, you and Bryan Caplan. :-)

Jon said...

That's cool, HP, though I don't think I did much because it's not as if you were some sort of hard core war monger in the first place.

Sheldon, did you see Glenn Greenwald's recent piece on Ron Paul? I'm torn on him. I think he'd be really bad for the economy and so many of the gains people have made in terms of working conditions, race, etc. But think about this. Ending the wars. Pardoning all non-violent drug offenders. Think of all the suffering he'd alleviate immediately. Would I trade that in exchange for some setbacks in terms of my own potential to make money or social safety nets? Is it selfish to let all these black people sit in prison causing so much familial devastation just for my own personal well being?

You might argue that Paul's roll back of all the gains of labor and minorities would lead to more of the very problems he already objects to. For instance he doesn't like war, but if he rolls back government regulation even more we could have more corporate mercenary wars and less government wars. But on the other hand he may have almost no success in those efforts. He can end the overseas wars and drug war immediately. That's within his discretion as the executive. Major trade off here.