Friday, January 13, 2012

This Hurts Romney Badly

I'm no political strategist, but I just watched this 28 minute documentary about Romney's exploits at Bain Capital. I'd known of this for a while ever since Colbert covered it. This guy is about the worst caricature you could imagine of a cruel and abusive Wall St tycoon, gutting profitable and solvent companies for short term gain that lines his pockets with millions while thousands of poor lose their jobs. It's awful. But now there's a documentary, I understand put together by some Gingrich supporters, that lays out these facts interspersing interviews with real people that were on the receiving end of the hardship. It's a heart breaker. Watch below.

It's no mystery how the right wing will reply. This focuses on the down side of creative destruction while ignoring the upside. Prosperous economies must remain dynamic. Etc, etc. Setting these bogus arguments aside, just consider how this plays to white middle class and poorer class people. Pregnant women fired. Parents fired that now lack health insurance and must endure a child with leukemia. An older married couple, both of whom work at the plant, are fired and lose everything. Are people watching this really going to accept this libertarian theory which allowed Romney to pad his fortune? As he bulldozes a 3,000 sq foot home to build maybe his tenth home that is instead 12,000 sq feet? In this economic environment? It's an absurdity that only a completely out of touch right winger could justify.

And it's not like Obama is doing the heavy lifting here. He's got Gingrich doing it for him. Who but the most ardent right wing dogmatist is going to cast a vote for Romney knowing that this is how he treats the non 1%?


Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post offers a corporate shot across the bow for Gingrich. Stop criticizing our economic destruction for the benefit of the rich or we'll pull the plug on your funding. Rush, Hannity and other corporate right wing sources are also demanding that Gingrich snap into line and continue to support polices that harm the poor at the expense of the rich. So though this hurts Romney with normal people it may help him with CEO's and venture capitalists.

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