Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cut The Working Week to 20 Hours

That's the recommendation of the New Economics Foundation, a left leaning think tank.

10 years ago that would have sounded really bizarre to me. And I'm sure it sounds bizarre to a lot of people.

But for reasons I've discussed here I've come to understand that in fact this is going to be necessary at some point. We're always producing more with less. We're always improving our productivity. So on our system to sustain employment it is absolutely necessary that we consume more and more. But that can't go on forever.

There's plenty to go around. We make more than what we need. But because of the way we distribute what we make not everybody gets what they need. We fight over the limited resources. We destroy the environment. It has to change. It will change. Will it change in a catastrophic manner or not? The recommendation is the non-catastrophic change. I like it.

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